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Defeating Internal Resistance | Ep. 18

Defeating Internal Resistance | Ep. 18

Benefit from the work of Steven Pressfield

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Resistance is a pesky bugger. It sneaks in and undermines our vision to stop us from rising in the world. It’s something we all have and must deal with.

The greater the vision, the greater the resistance we will experience. Today’s episode is based on the work of author & writer Steven Pressfield and his book, The War of Art.

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

His work is based on two ideas - resistance and going pro. We discuss what these mean and how we can work to use them in our lives to improve our creative process.

If we seek to do anything meaningful in our lives, we will experience resistance.

Preparing and understanding how it can sabotage our vision is key to overcoming it. Defining what it means to be a professional is how we create a standard way of operating to build our vision.

A quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • What is resistance?

  • The many ways it sneaks into our lives

  • Pitfalls to watch for

  • How seeing it can help you create and build

  • What does turning pro mean?

  • Understanding the practice of being a professional

  • Being a pro is a way of life, not a social status

Using what we learn in today’s episode can empower us to overcome resistance and build the life we dream about. You don’t have to only dream. Building your vision is possible.

Understanding resistance and how to work like a professional help us to get where we desire to be.

The goal is to find things that resonate to be used in your life today, so studying the various concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools needed to tap into your highest potential.

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