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Embracing the Unknown | Ep. 52

Embracing the Unknown | Ep. 52

And why it matters so much in our world today

Fear of the unknown is harming us as a species. It’s preventing us from progressing and increasing the divide between us. The counter to this is leaning into the unknown and learning to celebrate what we do not know.

Adventure and triumph all lie within the unknown. Growth, skills, and experience are all within the unknown.

The unknown is our friend!

We will be diving deep into the topic of the unknown.

Let’s dig in!

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

When we have a conflict-based relationship with the unknown parts of life, we put ourselves in a vulnerable position.

Life is a constant state of change. All we know is how little we know. So when we carry the belief we know with absolute certainty the truth of matters, we risk being pummeled by reality.

Life is a constant state of learning and adapting. When we believe we have a lock on reality we’re only making it more likely life will show us otherwise. It’s also very difficult to thrive and be fulfilled when we believe we know things completely.

We rob ourselves of the joy of discovering and learning.

Here is a quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • Introduction to the importance of embracing the unknown

  • Understanding the nature of uncertainty and the unknown

  • The importance of embracing the unknown

  • Strategies for Embracing the Unknown

  • Real-life examples and stories

  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown

  • Conclusion

As we aim to press forward into a loving and caring world, opening to the unknown is key for this to happen. I’ve seen first hand how much fulfillment and joy can come from this process. It takes time and persistence to mold our minds towards flexibility and adaption.

It will be the ones who can most adapt that will succeed in the world of the future.

As always, with every episode of my show, I aim to share things that may resonate to be used in your life today. Studying the concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools to tap into your highest potential.

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