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Grit: The Key to a Fulfilled Life | Ep. 28

Grit: The Key to a Fulfilled Life | Ep. 28

Without it - visions are nearly impossible to fulfill

I’ve found Grit to be one of the more underrated and misunderstood traits we can develop to enhance our lives. You will find grit in almost everyone who has built something that started as a vision.

Understanding what it is and how we can work to develop in our lives is the purpose of this week’s episode.

Let’s dig in.

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

Learning about grit and how it works for us is a powerful lesson. Leveraging it in our lives each day can help us push through difficult periods and continue progress with our vision.

Grit was one of those things that transformed my life. I didn’t have much of it when I was younger. I gave up on things early and never gave myself the chance to see what could bloom. You don’t have to make the same mistakes.

The more grit, the more capacity to handle hard things; anything worth having will be hard.

Here is a quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • What is grit?

  • Grit is a skill to be developed

  • Things worth having will be hard

  • Goals & Grit

  • Examples of Grit in culture

  • How to develop Grit

When we take the time to develop grit, we become unstoppable forces on a mission to build. When we embrace grit, our vision becomes that much more probable. Doing extraordinary things requires a tough and stubborn approach to life.

Anything we dream about will experience resistance in the world. That’s what makes bringing visions to life so powerful and fulfilling. It shows that world, we can do things that seem impossible. Our belief and determination are more significant than the doubt and fear of others.

The goal is to find things that resonate to be used in your life today, so studying the various concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools needed to tap into your highest potential.

You can find a link to the show’s transcript here.

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