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How To Create Your Ideal Life | Ep. 43

How To Create Your Ideal Life | Ep. 43

And how to enjoy it!

Almost everyone wants to live kick-ass lives. But very few take action towards making their dream a reality consistently over time.

Many of us dream, but how do we build our visions?

That’s the topic of today’s show.

Let’s dig in!

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

If we’re unclear on the life we desire, it’s tough to live a fulfilling life. We need the vision to bridge and create the world we wish to live within. We are creators, and it’s our nature to envision and build.

There are fun ways to clarify what we desire and how to bring that vision to life. Questions and exercises can help us produce the clarity we seek and have fun.

As we clarify the vision, we must continue to check in and iterate.

We have to track our progress or lose sight of what needs to be done daily. It’s too easy to get caught up in day-to-day living needs.

Here is a quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • Introduction to creating our ideal life

  • Setting the stage for vision work

  • Creating your ideal life vision

  • Bringing your vision to life

  • Movies & shows that illustrate these principles

  • Conclusion

Learning to envision and build is how we increase our creator capacity to shape the world into what we desire. We all carry visions we desire to bring to life in the world.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here!

Taking the time to have fun and build the life we envision is vital to create success by our standards. We define what we desire.

This is a process and will constantly evolve. That’s what makes it fun!

As always, with every episode of my show, I aim to share things that may resonate to be used in your life today. Studying the concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools to tap into your highest potential.

You can find a link to the show’s transcript here.

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