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Learned Optimism | Ep. 41

Learned Optimism | Ep. 41

A tangible power to change the world.

Last week we discussed the concept of Learned Helplessness. Learned Optimism is the concept that sparked the entire Positive Psychology movement. Positive Psychology is effectively the science of self-transformation.

It affirms what ancient wisdom has intuitively been teaching us for centuries.

TLDR: We are the creators of our lives, and we build first from our minds.

Learned Optimism is modern research validating ancient knowledge. Precisely what aligning science and spirituality is all about.

Let’s dig in!

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

Learned Optimism is a concept based on the work of Martin Seligman from the 1970s and still evolves today. It’s the science and research-based understanding of how our minds work and the importance of managing our mental state.

It’s the understanding of transforming our mental states away from depressive, anxious, and isolated places into confident, fulfilled and engaged states.

Our beliefs shape our reality, and we now have tools we can leverage to help transform those beliefs to build the reality we desire. It’s how we create conscious lives.

Lives of Consciousness with a big C.

We all have this power, and Learned Optimism helps us activate these powers.

Here is a quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • Introduction to the idea of Learned Optimism

  • What is an explanatory style?

  • Benefits of Learned Optimism

  • Ways we can apply in our life

  • Downfalls of pessimism

  • Tying it back to the big picture

  • Conclusion and new coaching service

Understanding Learned Optimism can help us become more conscious and empowered individuals who uplift those around us to build a better world.

We can do this, but within our own lives first.

These studies give us the tools to leverage in our lives to build a reality reflecting what we desire in our hearts. Following our tune is the most excellent satisfaction we can find on earth.

Learning optimism strategies give us the tools to hit life head-on when things get tough because they will.

As always, with every episode of my show, I aim to share things that may resonate to be used in your life today. Studying the concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools to tap into your highest potential.

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