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Parenting Ourselves | Ep. 4

Parenting Ourselves | Ep. 4

A little known tool for well being

What is self-parenting?

Do you wonder why we often feel so isolated and alone?

Do you struggle with bouts of sadness, loneliness, and depression?

Are you looking for possible solutions to help with these feelings?

Self-parenting was one of the most revolutionary ideas I discovered on my journey back to myself. It provided me with tools and strategies for reconnecting and nurturing myself from within.

In this episode, we discuss self-parenting concepts developed by Dr. Margaret Paul & Dr. Erika Chopich.

Healing your Aloneness was the first book I read by both doctors and it changed my life by providing tools that enabled my own self-care.

Here’s the newer version of the book based on the practice of Inner Bonding along with a workbook to help support these efforts.

Another book by Dr. Alice Miller - The Drama of the Gifted Child was another book that first brought awareness to these concepts of our inner child.

These two books provided the framework to begin caring for myself in a way I didn’t think possible. Up to this point, I had been relying on heavily others for my sense of self and was unsure how to provide the self-support needed to find peace in the world.

These topics will be consistent themes throughout my show, so having a solid understanding of these principles will help to empower your journey of selfhood and care.

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