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Playing the Infinite Game: From Stress to Success with Tereza Rehorova | Ep. 81

Playing the Infinite Game: From Stress to Success with Tereza Rehorova | Ep. 81

The latest episode of Order Within is an enlightening conversation with Tereza Rehorova, a neuroleadership specialist and founder of Devalu Vision.

She shares her in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and the art of visualization to transform your visions into reality. 

Tereza's unique approach - combining ancient meditation principles with modern neuroscience - helps her clients navigate their inner chaos, leading them toward personal and professional success. 

In this episode, you'll also learn about the significance of self-awareness and how letting go of fear can open a world of endless possibilities. Discover the power of altering mindsets and challenge your perception of success as Tereza reveals the potential roadblocks for business owners. 

This is an episode filled with practical advice and mind-opening discussions. Tune in, and you might well find the keys to achieving your ultimate success.

Who Should Listen

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders: If you're navigating the complexities of running a business and looking for holistic strategies to improve not just your bottom line but your overall well-being, this episode is a must-listen.

  • Investors: Gain new perspectives on how to approach founder relationships and why it's crucial to think beyond numbers and financial projections.

  • Professionals in High-Stress Roles: Whether you're in healthcare, law enforcement, or any other high-stress profession, the mindfulness techniques discussed here can offer you new ways to manage stress and improve your performance.

  • Personal Development Enthusiasts: If you're someone who is continually seeking ways to grow personally and professionally, the mindfulness and visualization strategies discussed will provide you with new tools for your growth toolkit.

  What You’ll Gain

  • Holistic Success Strategies: Learn how to integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily routine to transform stress into a catalyst for growth and success.

  • Investment in Self-Mastery: Discover the real ROI (Return on Inner-self) of investing in mindfulness and how it not only benefits you but also the people around you.

  • Actionable Mindfulness Exercises: Walk away with simple yet powerful mindfulness exercises you can implement immediately to enhance your focus, decision-making, and overall well-being.

  • Insights into the Infinite Game: Understand what it means to play the infinite game in life and business, shifting from a win-lose mentality to a more sustainable, win-win approach

Table of Contents

00:00 Episode Teaser

01:36 Introduction to Teresa Rehorova and Devalu Vision

02:20 Understanding Neuroplasticity and the Power of the Brain

02:55 The Power of Perception and Defining Success

04:29 Roadblocks for Entrepreneurs and the Importance of Self-Awareness

05:41 The Power of Visualization and Achieving Success

06:58 The Impact of Stress and the Importance of Balance

08:55 The Role of Neuroscience in Business

12:52 The Power of Imagination and Visualization

17:44 The Importance of Meditation and Visualization in Business

25:11 The Power of Optimism and Letting Go of Control

30:15 The Role of Investors in Business and the Power of Compassion

49:05 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Key Takeways

  • The Power of Visualization: Tereza explains a step-by-step approach to effective visualization that can help you gain clarity on your future goals and aspirations.

  • Marathon Mindset for Entrepreneurs: Both you and Tereza emphasize that building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Tereza offers tips for entrepreneurs to keep the long view in mind.

  • The Role of Investors: Tereza sheds light on how investors can sometimes be more conservative and single-minded than founders, and how her work aims to bridge this gap for better collaboration.

  • Personal Empowerment Exercise: Tereza provides an exercise to help you step into a 'power circle,' a mental space where you feel confident, powerful, and ready to face any challenge.

  • The Neuroscience of Optimism: You discuss how an optimistic approach to life is not just a "feel-good" mantra but is supported by neuroscience as a way to improve mental and even physical well-being.

Key Actions

  1. Daily Visualization Practice: Spend 5 minutes each morning visualizing your goals. Use Tereza's method to make your visualization more effective and emotionally engaging.

  2. Create a Long-term Business Plan: Inspired by the marathon mindset, draft a 5-year business plan. Break it down into smaller, achievable milestones.

  3. Research Potential Investors: Before approaching any investors, do your homework. Know what they are looking for and how they have supported other businesses. This will help you find the right fit and make a more compelling pitch.

  4. Implement the 'Power Circle' Exercise: Use Tereza's exercise in a high-stakes situation to boost your confidence and effectiveness. Make it a routine part of your preparation for important meetings or decisions.

  5. Start a Gratitude Journal: Following the discussion on the neuroscience of optimism, maintain a daily gratitude journal to cultivate a positive mindset, which has been scientifically proven to benefit mental health.

More About Tereza:

As the founder of Devolu Breathwork and Devolu Vision she is fully devoted to paving the way for a more enlightened world, open mind and consciousness. Tereza is a passionate entrepreneur who has immersed herself in enriching experiences.

She has dedicated herself to the mastery of breath movement and energy practices and she is fast becoming known as an expert in these fields of study.

  • Certified Breathwork Practitioner

  • Professional Past Life Therapist from Dr. Brian Weiss

  • Certified NLP Master & Spiritual Coach & Counsellor

  • Certified with 200-hour YOGA teacher

Tereza studied yoga in India and kept developing her meditation within Vipassana practise in the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Tereza offers breathwork 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats around the world.

Connect with Tereza:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tereza-%C5%99eh-b96063107/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devolubreathwork/ 

Website: https://devoluconsulting.com/ 

Connect with Brandon:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonlward/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrandonLeeWard 

Blog: https://brandonleeward.com/ 

Podcast: https://www.orderwithinpodcast.com/ 

The Inner Entrepreneur Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTyplLiwZ6U4bgbRD1Uf8g/ 

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