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Setting Boundaries | Ep. 36

Setting Boundaries | Ep. 36

And why they matter so much to our well-being

A world without boundaries is often promoted as a good thing, but we don’t know where things begin or end without them. Having boundaries is crucial for a whole and healthy self.

This is how we define who, what we are, and what we’re not. Many of us have never learned healthy boundaries and how to set them. That’s the topic of today’s show.

Let’s dig in.

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

Without boundaries, we become blobs of energy that don’t reflect the fullness of who we are. Boundaries allow us to be clear about who we are or are not. To determine what matters to us, and what doesn’t.

Without them, life is a struggle to know where our pain ends and where the needs of others begin.

We live in a society that doesn’t understand or honor our boundaries as individuals or as a culture. Groupthink is permeating into all spheres of life. This is only possible because we have yet to learn the power of creating boundaries and enforcing them in our lives.

This is how we protect and honor ourselves and the ones we live in this world.

Learning to do this can transform your life for the better.

Here is a quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • What are boundaries?

  • Why boundaries matter

  • Our self container

  • The response from others

  • Our society doesn’t understand boundaries

  • Wholeness comes from setting boundaries

Learning to draw boundaries and enforce them is crucial for a healthy and thriving society. We need them as individuals to live in our power and express who we are.

This process takes time but will be one of the more important things we learn as we mature as a species.

Boundaries are a grown way of living.

The goal is to find things that resonate to be used in your life today, so studying the various concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools needed to tap into your highest potential.

You can find a link to the show’s transcript here.

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