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The Art of Being: Finding Wisdom in Stillness | Ep. 74

The Art of Being: Finding Wisdom in Stillness | Ep. 74

In this episode of the Order Within Podcast, I embark on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation, diving deep into the dichotomy of "being" versus "doing" that permeates our modern lives.

As our society races at a breakneck pace, constantly pushing us to achieve, produce, and consume, I take a moment to explore the profound wisdom in slowing down and embracing the art of "being."

Join me as I unravel the dangers of perpetual busyness, overstimulation, and external validation.

What's Happening in Today's Episode:

In a world characterized by constant consumption, overstimulation, and the ceaseless quest for external validation, it's easy to lose sight of ourselves in the whirlwind of "doing."

This episode serves as a much-needed reminder to pause, reflect, and reconnect with our inner selves. We delve into the impact of our obsession with busyness on global mental health and well-being.

Through candid conversations and introspection, we uncover the value of aligning our work with personal values and fostering self-connection.

Here’s a quick highlight of topics from our conversation:

  • Exploring the concept of 'being' versus 'doing' (01:09)

  • The impact of constant consumption and overstimulation (03:09)

  • The dangers and costs of living externally and busyness (06:32)

  • The state of global mental health and the importance of aligning work with personal values (09:10)

  • The importance of mindfulness and stillness in the face of busyness (15:21)

  • Practical steps to embracing stillness and slowing down for overall well-being (19:09)

  • Balancing 'being' and 'doing' amidst societal pushback (24:22)

  • The journey of personal growth through authenticity, self-connection, and making meaningful life choices (30:15)

  • Strategies for fostering self-connection and managing the chaos of the "monkey mind" (34:13)

  • Upcoming guests and projects for the Order Within Podcast (41:29)

Join me on this thought-provoking journey where we challenge the societal norms that glorify "doing" at the expense of "being." Through personal anecdotes, insights, and actionable strategies, we uncover the transformative power of embracing stillness, aligning with our values, and reconnecting with our authentic selves.

Whether you're caught in the chaos of a busy life or seeking a deeper understanding of self, this episode offers valuable guidance for anyone looking to strike a harmonious balance between "being" and "doing" in a world that never stops.

You can find a link to the show’s transcript here.

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