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The Love of Our Creator | Ep. 91

The Love of Our Creator | Ep. 91

Welcome to this episode of Order Within. Today, I'm diving deep into divine love and our connection with our Creator, drawing insights from the Urantia Book. I'll share my personal journey and reflections on free will and the divine within us, exploring how these concepts shape our understanding of suffering and our role in the universe.

This episode is for those seeking to redefine success and find strength and meaning beyond materialism. It’s particularly helpful for those who struggle to connect with God and may feel lost. 

It explores faith, resilience, and the noble quest for self-mastery.

Join me as we delve into understanding our place in a larger, loving Creation and how this can transform our self-perception and our view of the world to create deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. 

Key Insights

Understanding Divine Love: The episode emphasizes the depth and nature of divine love, exploring how it differs from human love and the misconceptions surrounding it. It highlights the unconditional and all-encompassing aspect of divine love, portraying it as a guiding force in our lives.

Free Will as a Divine Gift: A significant part of the discussion revolves around free will, presented as a gift from the Creator. The episode delves into how free will allows us to make choices that shape our spiritual journey, emphasizing the responsibility that comes with this freedom.

The Concept of 'Creator Within Us': The episode introduces the idea of the 'creator within us,' often referred to as the divine adjuster. This concept suggests that a part of the divine resides within each individual, guiding and influencing our spiritual growth and journey towards self-realization.

Suffering and Divine Intent: A profound insight offered in the episode is the exploration of why suffering occurs, especially to good people. It addresses the role of free will in experiencing and interpreting suffering, and how suffering can be a catalyst for spiritual growth and understanding.

Redefining Success and Embracing Resilience: The episode encourages listeners to redefine what success means, moving away from materialistic interpretations to a more spiritually fulfilling perspective. It advocates for resilience, honor, and responsibility as key values in the journey towards becoming noble and heroic men.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Episode and Urantia Book [00:00:00]

Exploring the Love of Our Creator [00:02:06]

Personal Reflections and the Impact of Faith [00:05:15]

The Creator Within Us: The Divine Adjuster [00:11:12]

Understanding Suffering and Divine Intent [00:14:15]

The Power of Free Will [00:17:00]

God's Unconditional Love and Our Personal Connection [00:21:35]

Misconceptions About Punishment and Suffering [00:25:50]

Acceptance and Love: Embracing Our True Selves [00:29:44]

The Role of Faith in Overcoming Life's Challenges [00:31:13]

Conclusion and Future Plans [00:35:20]

Resources Mentioned

The Urantia Book: https://amzn.to/4aR9ar5 

More about Urantia - The Urantia Book harmonizes history, science, and religion into a philosophy of living that brings new meaning and hope into your life. If you are searching for answers, read The Urantia Book!

The world needs new spiritual truth that provides modern men and women with an intellectual pathway into a personal relationship with God. Building on the world's religious heritage, The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humankind, teaching that living faith is the key to personal spiritual progress and eternal survival. These teachings provide new truths powerful enough to uplift and advance human thinking and believing for the next 1000 years.

A third of The Urantia Book is the inspiring story of Jesus' entire life and a revelation of his original teachings. This panoramic narrative includes his birth, childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances. This inspiring story recasts Jesus from the leading figure of Christianity into the guide for seekers of all faiths and all walks of life.

Inner Bonding by Dr. Margaret Paul: https://innerbondinghub.com/feelings/?ref=BWard 

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