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The Opinions of Others vs. Ourselves | Ep. 8

The Opinions of Others vs. Ourselves | Ep. 8

Why does it matter and what can we do about it?

Today’s episode goes deeper into the concepts discussed in episode #6, The Social Self vs. The Inner Self, of the podcast. Many of us get pulled into the vortex of living by the opinions of others.

Our society pushes us to live by the standards of others. To care more about the opinions of others than we care about the opinion of ourselves. This practice contributes to the inner disconnect and isolation, so many of us feel today.

To balance this disconnect, we must understand the concepts of our own opinions versus the opinions that others share with us about who we are. So many of us are defined by external sources. Reclaiming our sovereign power as beings require us to build a relationship from within.

Highlights from the show

  • Understanding how the opinions of others influence us

  • Differences of influence compared to control over others

  • Dangers of living by others’ opinions

  • Freedom created by reclaiming our self opinions

  • Things we can do to reconnect with ourselves

This episode means a lot to me as I struggled earlier in my life with the opinions of others and seeking approval outside of myself. We must always be aware of it as the collective pull is compelling as social beings.

Is this something you’ve struggled with?

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