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The Outer World is a Reflection of Our Inner World | Ep. 3

The Outer World is a Reflection of Our Inner World | Ep. 3

A different perspective on our current state of the world

Can we change the world by changing ourselves?

In this episode, we cover this question and much more as I genuinely believe this to be true and a massive part of why we’re struggling as a species to solve some of the significant challenges we face. Until we see that the world around us reflects our inner states, we will continue to struggle.

Our society and culture reflect our collective inner states and represent the whole of our species. The beautiful aspect of this perspective is we hold the keys to changing and transforming the world within us. We don’t have to search the world; we merely have to go within to connect with our true selves.

The journey of selfhood is long and arduous but well worth the efforts as this work is what unlocks our potential. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in the world and never reclaim our rightful gift. My goal is to help you recover the sacred self within.

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Sorry for the mediocre sound quality with background noises and underlying sounds throughout, working on cleaning this up for future episodes. You can probably hear the baby and birds lol. The sound improves after the first few minutes.

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Launch day special - three episode release and this is number two.

A meaningful purpose behind May 5th.

An important note - the release of this first episode is on a meaningful date. May 5th, the day my father unexpectedly passed away. I will honor him by launching my show on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

Cherish the time you have with those you care for, as we never know when their lives may end to continue on their cosmic journey.

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Order Within discusses navigating a world falling further into depression, corruption, and crises—strategies and tools to help you find fulfillment amongst the chaos.