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The Path Less Traveled with Brett Solomano | Ep. 98

The Path Less Traveled with Brett Solomano | Ep. 98

In Episode 98 of Order Within, we embark on a journey with Brett Solomano, exploring the depths of choosing "The Path Less Traveled." Brett, a man of diverse talents and experiences, shares his remarkable story of transition from a stuntman to a figure of inspiration. 

Through his lens, we delve into themes of courage, authenticity, and pursuing a life filled with purpose beyond traditional markers of success. This episode is not just a narrative of personal growth but a call to action for all of us to dare to live true to our values, embrace change, and redefine success on our own terms. 

Join us as Brett illuminates the challenges and triumphs of walking the unconventional path, offering insights and wisdom for anyone standing at the crossroads of change. Having the courage to live a life true to who we are is an accomplishment many of us strive to achieve. 

Table of Contents

00:00 Opening Greetings

00:35 Introducing Brett: A Stuntman's Journey

01:46 The Allure of Self-Employment and the Quest for Growth

02:35 Navigating Life's Uncertainties and Embracing Entrepreneurship

03:57 The Power of Diverse Experiences and Embracing Change

05:21 Finding Identity Beyond Conventional Careers

06:30 The Importance of Authenticity and Self-Reflection

14:43 Exploring New Horizons: From Stuntman to Public Speaker

37:13 Navigating Teenage Challenges and Escapism Through Gaming

38:51 The Overstimulation Dilemma: Social Media, Pornography, and Modern Culture

39:29 The Quest for Authenticity: Beyond Social Addictions

40:44 Redefining Fulfillment: From Digital Distractions to Real-Life Desires

41:57 The Power of Self-Reflection and Taking Action

46:52 Creating a Legacy Beyond Consumption

54:43 Harnessing Structure and Mindfulness in a Distracted World

01:07:04 Embracing Life's Challenges and the Journey of Self-Discovery

More About Brett

Brett Solomano is a SAG-AFTRA award nominated stuntman for film and TV, and a current Guinness World Record Holder for driving a semi truck and trailer the longest distance ever in reverse.

He is also a coach, author and speaker spending over ten years teaching and learning from sports professionals, performers and athletes, the very best tools and techniques for mindfulness, emotional intelligence and learning, giving you a higher mental and emotional capacity to overcome your fears and walk through the fires in your own life.

Brett has worked as a stunt double for Dennis Quaid, Joshua Jackson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and has been a stuntman on many shows including The Walking Dead, MacGyver, Stranger Things, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Being a stuntman is a skill that carries over into corporate America. 

A stuntman is always looking to push the limits and find the edge in a performance, and Brett teaches his clients to do the same in their lives and business. In today’s business world, it’s important for people to grow in their business by breaking the norms, bending the trends and testing boundaries now more than ever.

Through his website, AStuntmansGuide.com , he teaches people how to overcome their own fears and barriers to learning, growth and the achievements they want.

Connect with Brett

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brettsolomano/

Website: https://astuntmansguide.com/

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4420005/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Connect with Brandon

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonlward/ 

X: https://twitter.com/BrandonLeeWard 

Blog: https://brandonleeward.com/ 

Podcast: https://www.orderwithinpodcast.com/  

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