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To Govern One's Self is the Way Out of the Chaos | Ep. 2

To Govern One's Self is the Way Out of the Chaos | Ep. 2

We don't have to suffer endlessly

What does it mean to govern yourself?

Is it possible to find peace in a crazy world?

The one thing we are in command of is our own being. The inner world we experience each day. If we have not been tending to ourselves and our inner landscape then there’s a chance it’s very messy.

There is hope!

Inner work is available to any of us willing to put the time and effort into ourselves. This work isn’t easy, but it’s the greatest investment of time and energy we can make as the outcomes of this work illuminates the brilliance of your being.

In this episode, I unpack the concepts of self-governance and how this practice is transformational when done with dedication and persistence.

We do not have to continue suffering in a state of misery or fulfillment.

The way out is through ourselves!

The first step is to recognize the truth within and begin to embrace what we discover.

We explore ideas and perspectives on self-governance.

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Sorry for the mediocre sound quality with background noises and underlying sounds throughout, working on cleaning this up for future episodes. You can probably hear the baby and birds lol. The sound improves after the first few minutes.

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Launch day special - three episode release and this is number two.

A meaningful purpose behind May 5th.

An important note - the release of this first episode is on a meaningful date. May 5th, the day my father unexpectedly passed away. I will honor him by launching my show on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

Cherish the time you have with those you care for, as we never know when their lives may end to continue on their cosmic journey.

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Order Within discusses navigating a world falling further into depression, corruption, and crises—strategies and tools to help you find fulfillment amongst the chaos.