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Toxic Positivity | Ep. 23

Toxic Positivity | Ep. 23

What it is and how to navigate it

Positivity is good. It can help uplift our minds and give us a fresh perspective on challenging situations. It can help us to see the good in bad situations. It can bring more fulfillment and peace to our lives.

It can also be a big problem if we take it too far. When we deny reality and ignore trauma signals, we only create more trauma in the world. Trauma denied within ourselves we be trauma we likely project onto the world.

Being mindful of this and how to counteract it is the focus of today’s show.

What’s Happening in Today’s Episode

I’m hopeful this episode will help illuminate what can happen when we deny the full spectrum of reality and only focus on positive things. It represses our potential and prevents us from healing and moving forward in our lives.

A quick highlight of the main topics discussed:

  • What is toxic positivity?

  • Impacts on our culture

  • Dangers of Toxic Positivity

  • Perception over reality

  • Being authentic

By understanding the dynamics of toxic positivity, we can learn to deepen our connection within ourselves and hit negativity head-on. It’s a process and takes time, but it is possible.

Leaning into reality allows us to overcome challenges and reshape our experiences in alignment with our desires. Denying reality can be a perilous position to hold.

The goal is to find things that resonate to be used in your life today, so studying the various concepts of self-mastery will hopefully give you the tools needed to tap into your highest potential.

You can find a link to the show’s transcript here.

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