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Inner Self vs. Social Self | Ep. 6

Inner Self vs. Social Self | Ep. 6

The importance of understanding these two aspects of our lives.

Self distinction in a murky society

*** Special Note Below Regarding Recent Tragedies***

This episode is all about understanding the differences between the inner and external self. Understanding these dynamics enables us to live a life reflective of who we are.

Recognizing the social dynamics of our world is a crucial step in finding inner peace. Without the awareness of these differences, we can find ourselves mired in the pursuit of a culture that may not align with who we truly are.

The ever-changing landscape of the external world can bring about chaos in our lives when we are not anchored within ourselves. Anchoring to our inner selves is what empowers us to live true to who we are regardless of what the world may think.

Too many of us are beaten down by the societal pressures and norms to conform. This surrendering of self is contributing to far too much suffering in humanity. The external forces of our world seek to accelerate this process to ensure we are not a threat to those in power.

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Comments on Uvalde & Buffalo Shootings

My heart breaks for the families who are going through these horrific tragedies.

I recorded this episode before either of these events happened, so I wanted to share some thoughts I hope can bring potential comfort to those suffering.

I can only imagine the horror and pain these families and communities feel. Losing a child simply by dropping them off at school is an unfathomable event to consider going through.

My intentions and heart go out to those families attempting to grieve.

I feel for them so deeply as burying a child is devastating enough. Imagine this divisive climate where so many use these tragedies to further personal and political agendas; it’s disgraceful.

It’s the same cycle every time. Yet, nothing changes, and it is getting worse.

In times of tragedy, we must find what unites us and rally around our human bond. We are a family and must begin to heal the wounds that divide us. The common goal is to support these communities and families.

Stop and think about what it must be like planning the funeral of your now deceased 7-year-old? Can you imagine managing those details, communicating with family members, supporting your family, grieving, and processing this unexpected loss?

Now try to imagine the entire world fighting over what needs to be done about it and who’s to blame. You have media frenzies in your area and constant requests for comments. Every network news channel gives their thoughts and analysis on the event and your devastated family life.

Can they relate to what this is like? Can they see their fellow humans torn to pieces by these events? We’ve lost so much empathy and care for each other.

We have lost sight of all that is sacred.

The only way we will ever heal and course correct our disastrous societal direction, is by remembering our sacred heritage and all that unites us.

These events also motivate me to continue this work as I realize just how important it is to offer help and support to those who may be suffering in our world.

All of us have been failed by our institutions and leaders.

Our media and culture have failed us.

The only way out of this mess is by rallying together and working on hitting these problems head-on.

These tragedies are a symptom of the sickness we are experiencing as a collective.

Until we choose to come together as a people and commit ourselves to solutions, these events will only be more and more common.

I will be doing much more shows around the current state of our mental health and how we may find our way out of this chaos.

How we can help

We help by supporting one another during times of deep suffering.

I’m no fan of the GoFundMe platform, but in this instance, supporting the victims of these shootings is something we can all get behind.

A group, Victim’s First, helps families impacted by terrible mass tragedies such as these. Families who have been affected by past mass casualties created the group to support the victims and families of any future events.

They started a donation page to help support these families.

If you’d like to help, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/mtdrdc-texas-elementary-school-shooting-victims-fund


I will continue to pray for the healing of these families and the victims, along with our society.

May God be our guide during these troubling times.

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